Sparring is an opportunity for students to practice their techniques and reaction timing in a controlled setting. Our sparring classes are designed with pre-arranged combinations designed to teach the you control and accuracy. Students learn how to move properly when responding to an opponent by focusing on footwork, timing and techniques. We offer many training devices to develop precision and control over techniques. Once basic skills are mastered, students have the opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in a 1:1 setting. Sparring at all levels is light contact where discipline and control are exercised at all times; protective equipment available to ensure a safe environment. SPARRING IS MEANT TO BE FUN AND SAFE! If you’re looking for a guided semi-private class to develop strong defense and improve targeting and offensive skills, experienced trainers that can help you reach your goals, then Roundhouse is the place to be!


Week 1:

Focus on understanding mechanics of the jab & cross (1,2) and proper technique on how to land them. Drilling the jab, cross and then implementing them in sparring rounds

Week 2:

Focus on defense (head movement, parry, blocks, slip, rolls) and when to use them.

Also a refresher of the previous week. Implementing jab, cross alongside defense movements into sparring

Week 3:

Focus on mechanics of how to throw a proper roundhouse kick (to the leg, or body) and how to set up kicks using punches. Implementing leg kicks into sparring along with punches

Week 4:

Learning to build combos with the jabs and incorporating hooks, uppercuts, and kicks. Focus on drilling multiple techniques and implementing them in sparring session.

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